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TheUpsiders: Taobao Spree 10 & Various Pre-orders!

mous promo
Calling out to all Moustache fanatics! We are carrying out Moustache Pre-orders now, instocks subject to availability! While stocks last! :D Visit our page for more!


Taobao Spree 10 s officially open! The closing date is on 18th January 2013!
We have adjusted the deadline to allow Shoppers to do some New Year shopping, so start shopping and sending in your orders now!
Click on our Spree image to get our website for more information!


Pre-orders (Closing on 18th January 2013)

Cellphones' Apparels (Pre-order)
Beautify your phones with all these affordable yet unique casings (S3 & iPhone4) & dust-covers!
The newest additions will be the Momo Bear Dust-Cover and Starbucks Dust-Cover!

2013 Planners (Pre-order)
It is time to prepare for Year 2013! Join our 2013 Planners Pre-order now and stand a chance to win freebies!


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